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October 2020 Prayer Week 

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A while back we were all challenged to "step up a gear" in our life of prayer, and many of us took part in a survey to help us consider how, why and when we pray.  More recently Alex has spoken about the need to pray "Big Prayers".  In October we joined in a specific week of prayer with the help of resources from 24-7 Prayer and other homegrown ideas.  Many individuals and small groups signed up
committing to pray for one hour.  But prayer isn't limited tp one particular week!  You may still like to use some of the ideas and resource below to continue to pray...


Me?  Pray for a whole hour?   


Boring?  Hard work?  Impossible?  For many of us praying for a whole hour
may not be something we have ever tried to do before, but there are lots of
ideas to help, particularly ways to give some structure to the hour. 
  • The Bible is always a good place to begin when we pray.  We’ve collected together some verses members of the church have found helpful, so take at a look at them here   Or how about using a Psalm to kick off your prayers? 
  • 24-7 Prayer have produced 4 useful 60 minute prayer guides called Praying the Lord’s Prayer; Praying for Others; Praying for Your Area; Praying for Your Nation   You could use them on your own or with others. You can access them here.
  • For some specific prayer requests listen to some of the “Talking Heads” as various members of the church share their concerns and passions.
  • And finally the “Help me pray” section of the 24-7 Prayer website is packed full of practical ideas to use both during the prayer week and as you continue in prayer day by day.




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