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Monday July 20th

Good morning!

And what a beautiful morning it is here in Dorset as I write from my Caravan.
This will be the last Newsletter for a while as we have now “broken up” for summer. We finished on Thursday and were able to have a wonderful farewell ceremony for our leavers. Seats were set out for each bubble, with respectable distance and other seats for those who returned (and how lovely it was to see Isaac, Emi, Jude, Maya and Edward) to bid us farewell.
We presented our bubbles with “You choose” which has, indeed, been the book of choice this year. It was Edward who first drew the children towards it. I love this book as it gives the children so much scope to explore their imaginations and talk about all their wishes and dreams.

It is always sad to say goodbye to our leaving children, but it felt particularly poignant this year in such bizarre circumstances. It has been lovely to have some children return in the limited capacity of the 2 bubbles of 8. Although initially, we were nervous about reopening, once we were there and had created the most robust of Risk Assessments and covered every step to procure a hygienic and safe environment for you children and families and for the staff, we knew it was the right thing to do. I really would like to thank Katie, Mark and Juliette for their hard work this term and also Nicola, who although was shielding, was always there to support us in any way she could. I’m so glad she made it to the Leaving Do. Thank you too for trusting us with your children and for coming to say goodbye.

IMG-20200716-WA0011 IMG-20200716-WA0007  IMG-20200716-WA0013

We were also spoilt by you and I am drinking from my mug as I sit here in the caravan. The teamwork that went in to making the backdrop for our role play area was incredible and shows such a sense of Community even through the lock down. The next generation of children will also be able to benefit from the historic Class of 2020! Our flowers were beautiful, and the inclusion of sunflowers was noted. What a great challenge that was and my garden has happy smiling sunflowers now as they opened up on the last day of term.
So, the present indeed rolls on to the future at the same time as becoming the past! Wasn’t it Master Oogway on Kung Fu Panda (my favourite film) that said: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift…that’s why they call it the present.”? So, our older children leave to go to “big school” and yet we have a new arrival in our world. Victoria, our wonderful Parent Rep, managed to hang on to Baby Betsy Gabriella Norton until 18 July when she finally showed her delicious little face. Thankyou Betsy for being patient enough to last another week so Victoria could come to the Leavers’ Ceremony! Sadly, Victoria is stepping down from her role, but we know her successor is out there somewhere!
Gill is also sadly leaving us at the end of this month. It will be very odd as she has always been here since I arrived at the Nursery in 2014 and we will really miss her. However, we are delighted that Naomi Bailey has accepted the post of Administrator, so she will be your new face and contact at Nursery.
We will be welcoming back the 9 remaining children in September and we look forward to seeing them again. It will have been 6 months since we last saw them in the Nursery and they will be our “older children”. We have lots of new children joining us over the first half term, and we are looking forward to meeting them. Obviously, we have no true knowledge of the future, even as far as next month as changes are constant and part of our “New Temporary” (I refuse to say “Norm”!) and yet we stoically hope we will be able to resume at full capacity. The government has said that as from today Early Years will not have restrictions or “bubbles”, but we are still unclear of what will happen regarding social distancing in September. Please bear with us as we continue to scrutinise the government guidelines pertaining to Early Years and Education to keep us all safe.
So, after a historic and unprecedented term, and a memorable year, we send you all our best wishes and continued joy. Please remember to have a jolly good laugh each day if you can, and at least a bit of time to explore and get muddy. If you get the chance, check out the comet Neowise (a great name for a sage comet), which is (intermittently) visible in our skies at present. The last time it was in our solar system was 4.500 years ago. It will be the same for its next visit. How mind blowing is that? It last came before Stone Henge was built. I say that as there are beautiful photos and one has been taken as it goes over this ancient entity. We managed to (just) see it with our binoculars. Another historic mark to our year!
Have a wonderful summer and we will be in touch soon. There may be no new stories posted up, but we have actually run out of books- only joking! You can still access all of our stores on the website, which Mark has marvellously modelled (a nice bit of alliteration there!)
Take care one and all and stay safe.
All our love,
Jacquie Katie Mark Juliette, Nicola


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