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Newsletter w/c 12/7/21

One more week to go. That is bonkers! And this time tomorrow we will know if we are through with the footy and if Djokavic is truly invincible. These are certain uncertainties, in a contained way. But let’s face it, this year has been a real unpredictable shocker! Still, we have made it this far and we are nearly at that emotional end of year. So, a bit of housekeeping never goes amiss at this juncture:
Friday we can all congregate at the entrance to Nursery (as in down the slope) for a joint farewell at 12.15. Then the younger children and families can head off so that the older children can have their leavers’ presentation. We will take the children up to the main entrance to the church, where parents can find themselves a socially distanced chair on the forecourt. We ask that only one parent/carer attend to keep numbers in line with the regulations.  If your ‘older’ child does not usually attend on a Friday, please bring them for the end of the day at 12.15. We also have Roísín, Florence and Hugo sadly leaving us for pastures and adventures new. The children will all sit together on rugs near the entrance as we have their little farewell ceremony. Please remember that although photos can be taken, please do not share them on social media. Oh, and bring tissues! There is a wet weather contingency plan but so far, the forecast looks favourable. Dare I say even a bit like summer? I am glad about that as it is St. Swithin’s Day on Thursday and I don’t want the folklore dictate of rain for 40 more days!
This is also a sad opportunity to bid farewell to our wonderful Mark. It fills me with such sadness that he is leaving. My attempts to foil his house sale and ruin his plans have been futile. We will be heading off to his abode for a little “meeting” after our ceremony!
You have all now received your reports (apart from those who very recently had a 2-year report) so please return your feedback. There is a section on The End of Year report, which we would appreciate you completing either online, or in written form. Your feedback is so important to us. We really appreciate the comments that you have emailed for the leavers. They have caused moments of weeping it must be said – in a lovely way! It is nice to be able to share your positivity as that is all we have received so far. For that we are proud!
It was a lovely week with a Space, the final frontier. This had a tenuous link to Independence Day but mainly following their interests. There was a super lunar small world, a space station in the role play corner and lots and lots of Lego. I brought in my sons’ Lego and there is a lot of it! It always makes me nostalgic to know my sons were at St Paul’s Nursery and now I have the honour of working there with the most superlative of Teams (Cheers then Mark, ruining my dream team!). The children (and Nicola) were really engaged in construction, and it was wonderful to behold their imaginations and engineering skills as well as hear the noises that such decorous Lego features make.
This week we are also extending the space area as it was so popular, but we are introducing our new Fairy and Unicorn small world acquisitions.  the Afternooners were delighted to acquaint themselves with the aforementioned figures and we made a fairy world for them outside. They were very popular indeed, so I think the timer will be in use to remind the children of turn taking! Nicola has set up a wonderful small world of woodland creatures which you can check out on Instagram and Facebook.
It is also ‘The Butterfly Count’ on Friday, so that will lend itself to mathematical and environmental learning on our last day! We have to be very careful on Wednesday as it’s shark awareness day. We have some great books to celebrate this! As we know, we are the danger to sharks, not the other way round. Although I wouldn’t debate that face to face with a great white!
I also posted “All about Me” on Facebook as I completed the Nursery 30 Challenge. Oh yes, we did from Bentley Croft back to the Nursery with a nice little flat white/ flap jack break at the Tower. We weren’t expecting to finish it but neither of us wanted to go home, so it was an avoidance tactic to keep on running!! I finally had to face the need to return home to move furniture, but it was a really fantastic achievement for us. I was slightly aggrieved there was no tickertape nor medals, but a photo taken by Lady Newman and the acknowledgment of my family (I translated their “What’s for lunch?” as the call of a proud famille) was more than enough! We didn’t even get lost this time. We clocked over 30 miles with our detours, but that is extreme sport for you!!!!!

[A couple of people posing for a picture next to a sign Description automatically generated with low confidence]
I hope your challenges are going well. We have had some lovely footage of the Kiddies’ challenge, so keep that coming in. We will post some on social media if we have your permission. We can also make a montage for the children to celebrate this week.

So, let us all celebrate and enjoy this last sunny week!
Loads of love

Jacquie, Katie, Nicola, MARK, Juliette and Naomi. xxx

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