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Our Latest News 

Hello everyone and welcome to St Paul’s Church Nursery School. 

Our term started on 7 September, and our Returning children had the first week to themselves to settle back into our Nursery Routines and reacquaint themselves with our lovely setting. We are now beginning to “settle in” our new children and their parents. This will be quite a long process as we have 22 children to welcome to our Nursery! This is an unprecedented number in these unprecedented times, but it is how many left to go to big school this year.  We have already introduced the children to our “Forest School” area and have fed the birds and squirrels and checked out “Mr. Fox’s architecture in his dens. There is some amazing fungi in our area at present, so we impress the “no pick, no lick” mantra! The mini beasts have also introduced themselves from under our logs. 

We are allowing parents to come in with their children, wearing masks, to be able to visualise their children in the Nursery and understand our routines and activities. We respectfully ask carers not to touch our resources which is very hard as we all know how alluring play dough and Duplo are! Both children and carers have had the opportunity of a “stay and play” before we opened, to familiarise themselves with the Setting. We completely understand this is a big step for children and carers, particularly in these strange times, and we want to make the transition as smooth and welcoming as possible. 

It is quite incredible how robust the children have been and the ‘settling in’ going incredibly smoothly…so far! It is often more traumatic for us, as parents, than it is for our little ones. They are all used to handwashing and we have quite a range of songs to wash our hands to now. Also, it is amazing how all children are so “au fait” with sanitising their hands. Oh how things have changed! 

 We will be holding visits for prospective parents, but after sessions. We are actually full now but we will be looking towards the September 2021 intake. It is worth filling out an application form to register your interest, but it will be to join our waiting list right now. 

Please contact us if you are interested in your child/children joining us. Naomi is our wonderful administrator and will be able to send you information in Or ring us on 07913467703. One of our team will answer between our opening hours of 9-1. Otherwise, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we are free. Sometimes it is hard to extricate ourselves from your lovely littles, and I’m sure you appreciate that! 

 Thank you for the pictures of our “old children” as they embark on their new journey, looking so grown up in their uniforms. It makes us quite emotional as they move forward to new adventures. We are delighted a lot of siblings have, or will be, joining us soon. 

Please acquaint yourself with our Setting and Team in the Gallery. As Head Teacher, I must say I am very proud of both. This combination is what makes us truly “Outstanding”! 

So, On behalf of Katie, Mark, Nicola, Juliette, Naomi, Tara and The Management Committee, I send you our best wishes. 

Jacquie Moulder 

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