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May Newsletter 2022

It’s May Day…and please remember we are closed at Nursery tomorrow!!! It’s also World Laughter Day. I hope you are all practising this joyous activity. I’m in Dorset, looking out at the rain from the caravan. The birds are really enjoying the worms on offer too. It is incredible here at the moment with the bluebells, gorse and wild garlic. We have been foraging and no vampires will come near me, that’s for sure. This is my favourite time of year…Full of promise and this month is my birthday too. Just saying!
Actually, Tuesday 10th May is not only my birthday, but ADORABLE PHOTOS will be coming to the nursery. The “Leavers” will be having a group photo as well as an individual one. If you would like an individual photo of your younger child, please book a slot with Naomi or Tara, so we can let Geoff know how busy he will be. He is arriving at 8.30 if needs be. If your child who is starting school in September does not usually attend on this day, please bring them in for 9.30 when we will have the group photo.
We will be looking at the weather as it is Sun Awareness Week, then we will be turning our home corner into a hospital to celebrate International Nurses’ Day. Lucy will be coming in to talk to the children about her role. We will be celebrating “children’s Day” where we will “choose kind” and we break up for half term on 27th May and return on Monday 6th June. This half term will be full of Platinum Jubilee Celebrations, and we will be having our own celebration and art exhibition on our return, but you will be receiving more details from Helen and Natasha anon. I can feel palaces, Knights and princesses being an important theme base!
So, we have another busy month ahead. It is National Walking Month. This is to get everyone walking as much as possible. As stated on the British Heart Foundation website, “Walking is a fantastic way to keep active and maintain a healthy heart as it is fun, flexible, and free.” It is a great opportunity to develop an understanding of the benefits of an active lifestyle. The irony is that we encourage “indoor feet” as in walking because children just seem to want to run everywhere. Also, children “play” whereas grown-ups have to qualify their activity. I never say: “Steve’s out playing”, I have to add he’s playing “tennis” or “golf”. I digress with semantics and expectations of conduct.
Reeling back to my monthly itinerary:  we will be doing more planting, so if you have any superfluous bits and pieces for the garden, please feel free to share: compost, seeds, chitting potatoes….we love it all. I love a nursery at Nursery! We are also watching the caterpillars grow. They are fascinating and the whole metamorphosis process is mind blowing. Our tadpoles are also a source of interest as we check the number of movers each day!!! It’s all part of the cycle of life. We have ordered some stick insect eggs, but Royal Mail has not yet delivered. It makes me edgy that these creatures are actually sent through the post!
It is actually “No mow May”, so be mindful of all the bugs and insects that are affected by your lawn strimming. Also, hedgehogs and their teeny little hoglets. I have never seen a real life hoglet, but I had never seen a baby pigeon until Katie recently showed me a photo of one. They are super ugly.
Right, on that bombshell….I bid you farewell and will see you Tuesday.
Muchly love
Jacquie and the Team. xxxxxx


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