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Do you want to put the Christian principles of social justice into practice? Have you ever wondered where the money goes when you buy your shopping at the supermarket? The answers are complex, but there is a way of ensuring that the producers of some of the items you buy get fair prices, fair wages and fair working conditions and that is to buy goods which are fairly traded.

With this in mind, at St Paul’s we actively support Traidcraft and the Fair Trade Foundation by regularly buying, promoting and campaigning about the issues relating to fair trade. 

Traidcraft is a Plc, which imports food, beverages, crafts and handmade cards and paper from the developing world, all of which are fairly traded.  You can get involved in a variety of ways, by committing to buy regularly from our table in church (second Sunday in each month), by joining the box scheme (our monthly home delivery service), by joining the campaigns which are occasionally organised or becoming one of our volunteer helpers.

To find out more, to get a catalogue or to see Traidcraft’s fantastic range of goods please contact Martine Brewer or Jill Pittam via the church office.

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