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 Spring 2019Food Bank

 It was an amazing Christmas in the foodbank; more food given than ever before; more people fed than ever before. Despite some erroneous messages on social media, we did not run out of food and remain grateful to God that our supply and demand for food seem to match well over the months.
A massive thank you, as always, to everyone who has contributed financially, given food or prayed for us over this time – Nothing would happen without you!
Now we have turned out attention to 2019. There is much to do sustain our present level of activity as well as to develop new services into the community to support those groups of people most in need of the food. We continue to look at creative ways to combat ‘holiday hunger’  which is particularly seen in some areas of town and in the villages, where families who rely on school lunches in term time, struggle to feed the children during the school holidays. With a Pop up foodbank three times a year at the Rural Children’s Centre and up to 60 Holiday Boost Bags going out 6 times a year through 12 referral agencies across the region, we are making a little difference, but recognise that there is still some way to go.
Usually this time of the year is quite quiet in the foodbank, but we have been very busy as, amongst other things, Universal Credit problems begin to bite in our community.
Plans for this year are to try to develop our relationships with mental health services in the area as we are concerned by the lack of support for many of our clients whose mental health is not good. Also to look into services for the elderly so that we can get food where it is needed in a way that maintains dignity and is acceptable to those who do not feel that they can accept a ‘handout’ however poor their financial situation is.
Our relationship with the Citizens advice continues and we are pleased to be able to work closely with the Community Fridge.

 Please pray:

  • God would be known through our work and service

  • That no one will be stopped from accessing the foodbank by feeling that they will be judged – either by us, or by their local community

  • That the food that is donated to us will get to those most in need - our relationships with the community fridge and services for those with poor mental health and the elderly

  • For wisdom for our amazing band of volunteers as they make decisions about food supplies and storage and deal with the many demands from clients and referral agencies alike.

Thank you

‘for I was hungry and you fed me, thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in…….’Matthew 25, 35

We are always looking for people with a little spare time to give to the work of the Foodbank. If you are interested in volunteering for us please email:                        
Ali Studley at:

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