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We believe the responsibility for safeguarding doesn't just rest on those who have specific responsibility for children's and youth ministry. Everybody in the church has a responsibility for being alert to any areas of concern.

If you have a concern, we encourage you to raise it.*


Below are links to our CONCERNS* form.

These are the same forms that leaders would use and, since we believe safeguarding is everyone's role, they are the forms we all use. Alternatively you can contact the safeguarding team directly.

*You might feel that you don't have a "Concern", that it's more a  'wondering' or 'suspicion' or even just a 'niggle'. This form is fine for that too. Even if you think "it's probably nothing."  You may be right.  But then again, it may actually be 'something' and you are the one who has noticed it.. 
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To raise a concern - Click on the image above. 
Submitted forms are automatically emailed to the correct people.






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