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Trip to India Feb 2020

Monday February 17th
It was a lovely surprise to have Prince David join us for dinner last night. We were encouraged to see him and it was good to hear that we would be an encouragement to the people we would see today. The journey to Sahaara was fascinating. Driving in Mumbai is hair-raising. We only saw one accident. The honking of horns is a second language to drivers here.  Our visit to Sahaara started with an introduction to all of their projects. This included a moving film which we hope to show you on our return. During the afternoon, we visited one of their education centres. We don't know who was more excited, us or the children on our arrival! Duck Duck Goose was a game that we were able to teach them and a smile is a universal language to show how much pleasure this gave them and us. Photos are not included of the children as we were not allowed to take them for Safeguarding reasons. Photos of the schoolroom and the team were taken. We were privileged to be asked to pray with and for the them. Enormous thanks must go to Jules Williams and her Brownies for providing exactly the right number of friendship bracelets for us to give to the children. 

Sunday 16th February
Having arrived at our hotel at 4 am this morning, we had a short sleep before exploring the city of Mumbai. 'A sensory overload' is the main phrase that we have used today to discuss what we have experienced in Mumbai. The sights and sounds are overwhelming in parts. We've seen incredibly poor parts which we've seen in pictures and yet seeing it for ourselves is so different. People are on bikes with no helmets, including children! Women are often riding sidesaddle. St. Thomas's Cathedral was a highlight. Carlton returned there after 70 years! He was baptised there as a baby at one week old. We all found it a moving experience. Outside a cricket match was being played in the middle of the road!
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Carlton and Sarah Beasley, Julia Sciacaluga, Annabel Blanch, and Sue Swain-Fossey are travelling to  Mumbai on Saturday 15th February to visit charity supported projects connected with modern-day trafficking.  Some of the things the projects undertake are :
  • Health education and counselling.
  • Nutrition programmes and treatment for addictions.
  • Managing money.
  • Education, tuition and relationship building.
Please pray:
  • That God walks alongside us and blesses and protects us and those we meet.
  • That nothing prevents our travelling, e.g. political instability or health issues.
  • For hassle free and safe travel.
  • That we are equipped for every situation we encounter.
  • For good health for all the team.
  • That those women trapped in modern-day slavery are able to get the documents they need to be independent.
  • For training sessions to enable them to feel equipped and confident.
  • For stability for the children at the drop-in centres and school.
  • For staff who work in very difficult circumstances.

Nicola Glass, 06/02/2020

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